About Parcel Gateway

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The list below is the list of definition:

  • Consignee/Receiver - The person who receives or shall receive the consignment.
  • Consignment - A parcel or a group of parcels sent to a Consignee’s address.
  • Consigner/User - The person sending a shipment to be delivered
  • Parcel Gateway – Parcel Gateway Sdn. Bhd. a company incorporated in Malaysia having its principal business address at Tower 3, Level 3A, Unit 7 (03-3A-07), UOA Business Park, No. 1 Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51A, Seksyen U1, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Shipping Labels - The documentation generated by Parcel Gateway and placed on the parcel.
  • Working Day - Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, except public holidays.
  1. Parcel Gateway Obligations to customers
    1. Parcel Gateway arrange for collection and delivery of the consignment to the consignee with major reputable carriers.
    2. Parcel Gateway do not have direct contact with the consignment/s as Parcel Gateway arranges the shipment through any one of the carriers that the customer opted.
    3. Parcel Gateway reserves the right to refuse the order or delivery at its discretion.
  2. Collection & Delivery Services
    1. Parcel Gateway initiate the services according to the customer’s order. Collections & deliveries are made on working days only. Refer to the operation hours for federal states:
      Courier Service Provider Federal State Working Day Off Day
      LWE Peninsular Malaysia Monday to Saturday (half day) Sunday
      Johor Sunday to Thursday (full day) Friday & Saturday
      Pos Laju Kelantan and Terengganu Sunday to Thursday (full day) Friday
      Saturday (half day)
      Kedah and Johor Monday to Friday (full day) Sunday
    2. Parcel Gateway shipping label must be printed out in good condition and only Parcel Gateway shipping label is acceptable for collection and delivery.
    3. The user or its representatives need to be present at the collection address during the collection time.
    4. In the event Parcel Gateway has not been informed of the failed collection, the order shall remain valid for seven (7) days from the date of order confirmed. On the eighth (8th) day the order shall be cancelled without refund to the User.
    5. Parcel tracking details are only available after the collection of consignments.
    6. The consignor must request for a signature on the Sender’s Copy or PL9 form (for Pos Laju shipments) from the courier rider upon collection.
    7. If shipping label is not attached to the parcel, there will be no responsibility upon the courier if anything were to happen to the shipment during transit.
  3. Prohibited Items & Items with limited liability
    1. It is the user’s responsibility to take note that certain items are Prohibited Items and cannot be sent by any of our services. You are responsible to check your item against the prohibited item list here.
    2. The user is liable to surcharged and parcel returned if it is found to be in the prohibited items list. In this situation, there will be no refund and compensation claims will be void.
    3. Parcel Gateway have the right to dispose of any Prohibited Items and Parcel Gateway reserve the right to charge the user for any reasonable costs incur in doing so.
    4. Parcel Gateway has the right to intercept, hold and investigate the contents of any parcel that is suspected to contain prohibited items. Depending on the situation, Parcel Gateway will notify the police if necessary.
  4. Shipments Charges
    1. Shipments charges are calculated based on higher of actual or volumetric weight of each parcel. The consignor is responsible to ensure that the dimension and weight is of reasonable accuracy. If Parcel Gateway find that the dimensions/weight of a parcel have been under declared, the consignor consent
      • Parcel Gateway may use the dimensions/weight that Parcel Gateway measured for the purpose of calculating charges
      • Parcel Gateway is authorised to charge any price difference to the consignor in accordance with our current rates and may include administration fee for correcting underpayment/additional charge.
      • Parcel Gateway is authorised to debit the Additional Charges directly from the debit/credit card as registered under your Parcel Gateway account.
      • If the charges cannot be paid, Parcel Gateway reserve the rights to suspend your account until the additional charges are settled and Parcel Gateway shall not be liable to the consignor for any costs or losses arising directly or indirectly as a result of the suspension.
  5. International
    1. Parcel Gateway allow the user to choose either to pay the Customs charges upfront base on the quoted price together with delivery charges or Customs charges to be paid in addition by the receiver when delivery is made.
    2. Although the Customs charges can be passed on to the receiver, Parcel Gateway reserves the right to pass these charges directly onto the person that placed the order.
    3. Consignor can choose not to pay for the Custom charges and request for the consignment to be returned. In this case all the return charges will be pass on to the Consignor.
  6. Surcharges Handling
    1. In the event that the consignment is heavier or larger (higher volumetric) extra charges for the additional weight will be charged to the consignor's account.
    2. Additional charges will be at Parcel Gateway's normal rate. Parcel Gateway's support team will be in contact with consignor when cases on weight discrepancy happens.
    3. Redelivery may incur extra charges if the consignor/representative is nopresent at the designated collection address.
    4. If consignor request for the collected consignment to be returned, return charges is applicable.
  7. Liability & Claims (Delay/Damage/Loss)
    1. The liability of Parcel Gateway is strictly limited to direct loss and damage of the shipment.
    2. Parcel Gateway shall not be liable in the event, for any consequential or special damages or other indirect loss, whether Parcel Gateway hadknowledge that such damage might be incurred, including but not limited to lost of income, profits, interest, utility or loss of market.
    3. All claims on lost and damaged parcels must be reported within the time frame specified by each courier companies. Below are the time frames specified for each courier companies.
      Courier Service Provider Working Day
      LWE Within 5 working days
      Pos Laju Within 5 working days
      Aramex Express Within 24 hours
    4. Note that parcels claim reported after the specified time frame will not be eligible for any compensation.
    5. Apart from that, all item that is listed in the prohibited items list, is exempted from any claim against delay, damage and loss.
  8. Closure of account
    1. Account user/holder may proceed to close their Parcel Gateway account in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the “Closure of Account” clause.
    2. Closure of Parcel Gateway Account may be subjected to administration fee. The user of account are alleged to clear off any remaining charges due.